Technology & Innovation Centers

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    AAG intends to roll-out an elite group of Technology and Innovation Centers, branded ‘African Silicon Valley Centers’, that aim to exploit the most promising new technologies from smart African innovators. The centers will help to stimulate an innovation-based economy through strategizing, facilitating, and promoting innovation, entrepreneurship, and the creation of intellectual property in technology and its applications with transformational economic impact for Nigeria and Africa's future.

    Nollywood (DreamWorks) Studio

    The Nigerian film industry also known as ‘Nollywood’ is globally recognized as the 2nd largest in the world. It is an industry that has a lot of potential for the creation of employment and generation of resources. AAG is working with a network of partners to develop a unique ultra-modern studio to bring Africa’s unique creative voice to Hollywood and audiences around the world.

    Mega Shopping Malls and Markets